1-web For customers who purchase a dinner from the Amazon store (please be careful) ※ [Kamakura Yorozuya] has nothing to do with it.

by 1-webshop 管理者

We are in touch with customers who want to buy a pancake from our 1-web Amazon store.

Kamakura Yorozuya-sama and our company have nothing to do.

It is a contractor who is listed on our product page. It is exhibited at a cheaper price than our company,

The content of the service is different. Please be careful.

There is a person who is purchased by us only for couple carving (additional carving fee).

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it would be appreciated if you could use 1-web with the following points in mind.

※ Attention point ※

・ Seller's name

If you do not understand, our original site 1-web.shop or 1-web Yahoo! From shopping

I would appreciate your purchase.


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