About Naruse oysters [CLONE]

by 1-webshop 管理者

Start selling from December

We started selling “Naruse no oyster” in Higashi Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, which had been delayed from the start of sales.
From this season, it will be sold separately for "heating" and "raw food".

"Heating" is packaged in blue package as before.
We will pack "raw food" in a black package.
We sell oysters of "raw food" in principle.

Cautionary points

Naruse oysters deliver fresh, good quality oysters. Every week I have a test, and as I mentioned above, I will deliver "raw food" oysters, but if I can not pass the test, I will send "for heating" instead.

We will know the results of the inspection every Monday morning, so if you ordered between every Friday from 5 pm to noon on Monday , the above changes may apply. Please acknowledge that, please purchase.